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The need for armed self-defense is not small. 3.7+ million home-breakins per year.

Bureau of Justice Statistics published an analysis in 2010 of household burglaries, link below. They determined there's likely 3.7 million burglaries per year. Even scarier, approximately 1 million of those times, household members are home during the break in and 266,000 of those times, it gets physically violent. Imagine thinking that mandatory storage laws is the moral high ground while ignoring that you're going to potentially prevent millions of people over several years from being able to retrieve a self-defense firearm in a timely manner when they need it the most. Or even worse, "you don't need a gun permit, you don't have any stalkers, you have average life circumstances. Denied." Back in the 90's, Gary Kleck uncovered that there's approximately 2.5 million incidents of defensive gun uses per year. Now that's a moral high ground I can stand behind. Give people the option to have a say in whether they're about to get assaulted, raped, or killed. Up until this year, I had always been embarrassed to cite Kleck's numbers in chats and discussions because the liberal media had targeted him and his study for destruction. They repeated it so many times that it was a flawed study, I just took them at their word. It wasn't too big of a deal to me to not cite Klek since even a fraction of that number, supported by even the worst studies done on DGUs, showed that the number was at least in the hundred of thousands range. That more than justifies the 2nd Amendment to me in a modern context anyway. With such great alternative studies to cite, I avoided Kleck's numbers to avoid an argument that would spiral a different direction where others focus on saying how bad his study was. As if 180,000 defensive gun uses is terrible since we thought it was 2.5million. Checkmate. Except 180,000 is still a positive number. But we discovered just this last year through a FOIA request, it turns out the CDC had shadowed Kleck's study. They did their own independent polling and analysis, and as it turns out, they replicated Kleck almost perfectly. There's legitimately over 2 million DGUs per year according to the data they gathered. Of course, the highly politicized CDC of that era decided to shelve it and not let anyone know. Can't prove the pro-2nd guys right after all, they had an agenda. The need for armed self-defense isn't small.

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